The purpose of this web site is to assist the University Housing Committee in its planning and coordination for the establishment of a University priority list of qualified purchasers for faculty/staff housing. The information contained on this web site is subject to change and is non-binding on the University. This web site has been designed to provide general information about the two faculty/staff housing complexes so that qualified full-time University employees can determine whether he/she might be interested in completing an application to be placed on the University's list of qualified purchasers. A completed application does not guarantee that one is qualified to purchase a condominium, nor does it guarantee that one will be selected if placed on the University's priority list. An applicant is not bound in any manner to purchase a condominium if he/she completes an application. None of the information contained in this web site constitutes an offer for sale or lease of the condominiums.

Eligibility Statement: Ownership, possession, and use of condominiums shall be limited to persons determined eligible in accordance with the policy and criteria of the University, it being understood that faculty/staff housing is intended and dedicated to further the purposes of the University by enhancing and encouraging the development of relationships among students, faculty, administrators and other members of the University community. To further these purposes the University will in its sole discretion (i) restrict eligibility to faculty members, administrators, staff members and employees of the University; (ii) establish priorities among those deemed eligible and (iii) reserve and/or restrict certain designated units to certain groups among those deemed eligible, such group determinations to be made on the basis of factors relating to service to Pepperdine University.

All full-time faculty and staff are welcome to apply for placement on the University priority list of qualified purchasers. In addition to the above eligibility considerations, applicants must be financially qualified to purchase. Final selections will be made by the University Housing Committee.

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